[Solved] Cannot claim new photon? It says no internet connection


This is my 3rd Photon (other 2 work great) - I plugged it in, used my iPhone to find it and setup wifi, the green light starts blinking but the phone says it cannot be claimed or the wifi failed. I tried the same thing via the CLI, same result. If I reset the photon it goes back to breathing gray.

I tried putting the Device ID into the browser to claim and it says it’s already there … This is brand new, out the box directly from Particle? My internet is just fine :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Fixed it, had the wrong photon :slight_smile: - it is odd that the program on their didn’t turn on wifi but even when it was manually programmed it wouldn’t see the cloud. Safe mode let me back in and I updated the code …

Glad you were able to get it back up and running!