[Solved] BMP085 pressure sensor fails to initialize

I am using a BMP085 sensor and the Adafruit library that I found in Build. The call to begin() in my setup() is failing and returning false. The only thing I see in begin() that can make that happen is:

 if (read8(0xD0) != 0x55) return false;

My question is what is that line testing for? I have looked at the BMP085 datasheet and it does not mention that address nor the return value.

Ok, further googling revealed to me that the address is the CHIP ID register and 0x55 is the actual chip ID for the Bosch part. So I guess that the failure is due to either an incorrect chip ID or failure to read anything back at all (more likely).

Solved. Hardware issue…

Good to hear you got it sorted out. Yeah typically that library blocks and fails if there is no sensor hooked up, or hooked up incorrectly. It should probably be coded to fail more gracefully :wink: