Adafruit VL530 begin() fails

I’ve got an Adafriut VL530LX that I can’t see to get working on my Particle Photon.

Calls to begin() return false. I know the sensor works, since I’ve been using it (and the library) on a Feather FONA board successfully.

Any ideas what could be wrong here?

It would help to know how you’ve wired your sensor, and to see your code.


We have a working library for this sensor in the Particle Library.

You can find the library here:

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So it turns out that it was a bad Breadboard. Weird huh? The power-rail on the breadboard was shorting out, so the VL530LX wasn’t getting consistent power. Moved to a new breadboard and it works just fine.


It’s an awesome little sensor.

Just wish we could have gotten the interrupt output pin working properly.

What do you plan on using it for?

The interrupt output pin would have been phenomenal as it would help save a ton of power. I’m using it to detect items being placed in a box. It is able to detect a single business card being placed in an empty box, which is pretty amazing.


I ended up using this distance sensor since the interrupt pin works perfectly with it.

There is a Particle Library for this sensor also, the power consumption is lower also.