Time of Flight sensor data/setup

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Hello. I am working with a Particle Photon and a VL53L0X time of flight sensor from adafruit. I have been trying to figure out how to set up the code and wiring so that I can read the distance values from the sensor. I have downloaded the Visual Studio Code software and imported the VL53L0X library, arduino library, and used some code I found that worked for another user. The data has been flashed to my particle photon, but I am unable to view the sensor data in the serial monitor and terminal. Has anyone else had this problem or would be able to identify where I am going wrong? Thank you!


Firstly, welcome to the Particle Community.

Maybe the first thing to do is ensure that you can get Serial.print() debug output in the serial terminal.

In setup() I assume you have Serial.begin(); and then something like Serial.println("Testing Debug output"); ? To allow time for the Serial port to be opened and connected to it is a good idea to have a short delay delay(5000); or a wait for input while (!Serial.available()) delay(10); You can then move on to work out where the problem(s) are.

Are you sure you have wired it correctly? GND, VIN (3V3), SCL (D1), SDA (D0).


Hi. Thank you for your reply. I first had it wired VIN (VIN), but I changed it according to your suggestion, and I still have the same problem. I am not getting the “Testing Debug output” either. I will include my code:


Update: We figured out how to make the data show up. Apparently I had not clicked the button on the lower right corner that exposed the serial monitor? My teammate was able to figure that out . Thanks!