Bmp_simpletest bmp.begin() problem

when trying to run bmp_simpeltest on bmp390, bmp.begin() returns false, but sensor work with raspberrypi and python, any ides how to fix this?

Have you run an I2C scan to see whether the sensor is even found on the I2C bus?
What exact BMP390 board are you using?
Does it have pull-up resistors on the I2C lines?
If so what value are they?


no, it is more difficult because i’m using a multiplexer, how would i go about doing the scan?

In that case you first need to check your multiplexer code.

If you hadn’t mentioned that you were running the (known to us) bmp_simpletest code, our standard request would have been: “Show us your code”
Since we now learn that there must be some “other” code (and hardware) at play, we’d need to know more about it :wink:

BTW, when you have confirmed that your mux-code works and the route to your BMP390 has been established correctly, the I2C scan would work just the same as it’d do without the mux.

However, if you experience issues with one bit of hardware, it’s advisable to remove anything else from the setup and get that stubborn piece of equipment to play ball first and then gradually re-introduce the extra complexity.


all the other sensors connected to the mux are working and trying the bmp connected straight to the boron by passing the mux it still doesn’t work,
BTW the bmp is the adafruit breakout board

the boron is picking up the bmp because address 119 HEX 16 disappears for the scan when the bmp is unplugged

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