Adafruit_BMP3XX library is broken

when trying to run bmp3xx_simpletest.ino on boron it says “Could not find a valid BMP3 sensor, check wiring!” and returns all zeroes, the wiring is good and the bmp390 is detected by i2c scan, the comment at the top of the code says it is “Designed specifically to work with the Adafruit BMP388 Breakout” is this the right library?

What are the exact symptoms for “not working”?
“not working” is not enough for a comprehensive answer :wink:

You have multiple error checks in your code, but which is actually firing?

In your first post (which I now rejoined with your second post about the same issue) you mentioned that the sensor is found during an I2C scan, but at which address?

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when running the output is all zeroes for temp and press, the error check "Could not find a valid BMP3 sensor, check wiring!", always fires but "Failed to perform reading :(", never dose, the address is 0x77

the solution is to update the library, the one from particle is v1.0.0 where as the latest is v2.1.2, particle please update the library

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