Problem ARGON I2C BMP3XX and Si7005

Hi everybody,

I have a sensor from, which they call TH02 (Si7005), and on the same bus a BMP390. The addresses of the two are different, however, when I connect the TH02 physically, the BMP390 does not work, even in a code where only the TH02 is used, that is, it is something physical. Does anyone have an idea what it might be? Thanks.

Have you tried running an I2C scanner with only one of the sensors connected and then both?

What kind of pull-ups do your sensor boards feature. The Argon has onboard ~13k and when you parallel two sets of extra pull-ups their combined value may be too strong for either of the sensors to pull the line down.

Having a scope trace of the communication lines would be helpful.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I tested the scanner with only one sensor and with both at the same time, even with 5 other sensors on the bus and it always recognizes them correctly. It is what seems strange to me, the TH02 physically, because even without being in the code, it blocks the operation of the bmp although they always respond to the scanner.

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