I2C Issues on Boron 1.4.2

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Howdy. I have a set of three sensors (SHT31, Si1145, MPU9250) wired up via I2C to the correct pins on the Boron (these aren’t breakouts, this is on a custom board). I have one set of 10k pull-ups for the entire group of sensors.

On the firmware side, I’m only getting readings for about 10 seconds before going to what seems to be effective null’s (0’s or 65535’s), or no readings at all and a failure to bring the sensors online.

Is this a pull-up issue? I know it’s difficult to diagnose without the hardware in front of you, but do the results here seem typical of a pull-up problem? Or is this the Boron having trouble with things?


Post a picture of your setup for better help.