Solid cyan after failing to flash [SOLVED]

I have two photons, one is fine while the other is somewhat erratic. The erratic one has worked but after flashing it recently it just went solid blue. If I disconnect it and reconnect it flashes green, then blue and either all the lights go out or it goes solid blue.

Pressing reset while no lights or solid blue result in flashing green, flashing blue and then a solid blue. I am new to the whole Particle thing and don’t know what to do next.

Could you try Safe Mode?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I would have to read up on how to do this but if I did manage it what would I be able to do once in safe mode?

I guess you see solid cyan (you need to use these terms in order to have others understand your actual issue).

Once in Safe Mode you can flash code known to be safe, since the symptoms you describe suggest that it’s acutally your code that does that to your device.
If you show your code, we might spot the error.

Thanks. I;ve managed to get it into safe mode and flashed the flash led app to it and that works. It is breathing again now. Thanks again