Solar Power for Monitor One

I'm working on a project where I need solar power with a Monitor One and I have a few questions about powering it:

  • How much power does the Monitor One need? (Monitor One Datasheet | Reference | Particle isn't helpful)
  • Do I need a solar controller with the built-in charger and broad voltage input of the device?
  • How long will the batteries last without being charged. (Winter Conditions)

The application I'm working on is just waiting for an input to change and will not significantly affect the power usage.

Thank you

It is possible to charge the Monitor One with a solar panel. The video in this post will be helpful. It's for the Tracker One, but they have the same Tracker SoM inside and will work similarly.

You can use a bare 12V panel connected via the M12 8-pin connector; you don't need a separate charge controller.

The amount of time it will run will be dependent on the size of the panel, which sleep mode you are using, and how often you publish. The first step is to use the battery calculator to figure out how much power you need. Then adjust that for the size of your solar panel and how much cloudiness you need to design for.

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