Monitor One Carrier Board Power

Hi Community,

Is there a way to power down the carrier board/hat in the Monitor One so that it's not constantly powered during sleep? I'm hoping to reduce the power consumption and I'm not sure how to stop the carrier board from being 'always' powered when I don't need it to

How much power usage as you seeing, and what are you trying to achieve?

There's very little on the Monitor One carrier board that uses any power:

  • User LED driver (ADP8866ACPZ)
  • Temperature/humidity sensor (STS31A)

The I/O card, if you're using that, does have components, but as long as you are not energizing the relays, it should not be significant either.

But there is no way to turn everything off. Except for CAN, that can be turned off by deactivating CAN_5V.

Thank you Rick. I'm seeing a run time of around 5 weeks sending a sample every 2 hours w/ the device sleeping in between.

But the battery calculator with the 12200mAh Monitor One battery shows it should have enough power for almost 18 weeks. It uses an empty IO board with 1 I2C sensor.

Could it be related to GPS? In the console, I've configured it to sleep and wake every 7200 seconds for a GPS point (location --> min/max location update frequency)

It's hard to say for sure. How long is it taking when the device wakes up every 2 hours? If the device is having trouble getting a GNSS lock it could stay awake for much longer than the estimate used by the battery calculator.