Solar power charger


I need some in making my project. I am planning to build a solar power portable device charger using spv1040. I don’t know, but I am really confused because I don’t know how to start this project and I just need some guidance.

Is there anyone who could help me with the design and circuitry?

this is the link that I found online.

This might be useful to read:

do you think i should use spv1040 ?

Better that you tell use more about what you want to do. In that thread, there’s new stuff like the SparkFun MPPT charger.

Unless your project is to design one then it’s a different story

my project is to build a solar power portable device charger .It can be build in any way but i found this IC spv1040 and it’s demo board online and i thought it was very useful . I seriously need help because i m clueless at the moment about what to do and how to build it

I’ve been considering getting a solar USB kit from Brown Dog Gadgets. It’s probably not be as efficient as using some other DIY solution into the Core’s VIN, but it’s an easier start. The price seems pretty reasonable, too.

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yes this looks nice .
Do you have any suggestions on this circuit diagram ?



Hello, Have you created your solar charger yet ?

I am thinking of making a switchable Solar Charger Management system for 5v, 12v & 24v. The number of solar panels would stay the same with a current drop as the voltage is switched higher.