What Happened to the Solar Shield/Kit?

Not for sale anymore? Problems with it?

I think the initial interest during the Kickstarter wasn’t high enough to make it viable as a product to sell. I could be wrong, but until someone from Particle corrects me, that’s the current status I believe.

Yup, @Moors7 you are correct.
I’m no Particle either but that info came from Particle a few months ago.

May 2nd


Thanks guys :slight_smile: Do you happen to know if the design was valid or had any issues? I found the schematics and am going to use those as a direct crib in out design to save myself from having to think anything else through. But if there were any issues I’d love to know. BTW, not planning on the using the timer stuff, just the solar bit.

We haven’t heard of any issues reported by others who took the schematics as basis.
If there are any known issues they should be found in the repo.

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I would love to buy a solar shield. I can’t believe demand was low. I can see a solar shield paired with a GSM Electron in a waterproof being the perfect environmental IoT monitoring field kit.

Does anyone know where I could get a solar shield? I

The electron can accept a direct solar panel connection on the charging input line since the input voltage range is up to 12v DC and the battery charging chip will prevent the solar panel from overcharging the battery.

So you could use one of the Voltaic 3w or 5w panels and run it directly to the VIN input and the solar panel will charge the battery as long as the voltage is above the battery voltage. You would want a solar panel with the Maximum Power Point “Vmp” around 5v ideally so it operates efficiently.