MPPT Solar Charging Solution

Hey guys!

I just made this 3.2A 1-4 Cell MPPT Solar Charging Breakout board for some other stuff I’m working on.

It’s the LTC4162 3.2A MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 1-4 cell battery packs, that has a 35v max input voltage.

LTC 4367 Input Protection that prevents reverse polarity connections, Input over 35v and any negative voltage down to -40v, it also blocks 50-60 AC input.

It has full telemetry I2C output and input. You can set the max current and minimum input voltage or just let MPPT run.

It’s kinda overkill for some IOT applications but is much more advanced than what the PMIC provides you.

The PCB’s are in the mail and should arrive this week.

Board is 29 x 23mm

Let me know if your interested, no point in keeping this to myself when I know some of you guys could use something just like this.


Ryan, I noticed that the LTC4162 has a wide range of charging applications.
Is your board setup for 3.2V or 3.7V cells ?

This is very interesting, and thanks for sharing !

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It can be set for 1-4 cells for Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, or Lithium Phosphate chemistries.

So you can charge single cells to 3.2 or 3.7 plus it’s fully programmable over I2C.

Awesome Ryan,

Not overkill. I would be interested in testing one of these. I have a couple of projects that could use it.


This is very nice work @RWB. Where do you get these assembled?

Hey @RWB I was wondering if you would mind sharing an update, that is if you have had a chance to do some testing with your new charger. Thanks!

Hey @RWB, I just wanted to check in and see if you were happy with the performance of this board. I had a failed attempt to design around the LTC4700 and I am thinking of pivoting to this IC since it would bring me into MPPT which helps me in future use cases. Thank you.

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