Software Editing Framework for Non-Technical Folks (Better than Tutorials in Google Docs?)

Hello Particle community.

Does anyone have experience interfacing the software to run their particle devices to non-technical people? I am looking to increase the interface ability of the software that runs our embedded device. However, there are a number of skill levels to interface with.

I was thinking of using a tutorial written in Google Docs to provide examples of how to pull the data from GitHub, how to make change for some parameter, and then update the repo.

Are there other ways to go about this?

I was trying to find examples of what I was looking for online, but nothing really fit. Does anyone have an experience where they used a tool beyond a tutorial to allow non-technical folks to interface with code safely?



Here’s how I’m going to solve the problem.

  1. Special Form that Non-Technical users have access to with specific options.
  2. Tutorials and Instructions the detail how to implement the changes requested by the form

I think this will work well because it limits what the non-technical has as available as options, allowing me to ensure that will documentation exists for what is selected.

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