So where's the team?

It used to be that the Particle team was super responsive and firmware upgrades where fast.

So where is everyone? Doing some electron work?

We miss you guys!
Come back! :blush: :blush:

They’re still exactly where they are: spread around the world :wink:
That said, currently it’s all hands-on-deck for the electron launch. It’s a big release for which a lot of things need to be taken care of. The whole provider/billing thing takes up a lot of time and effort, and optimizing code is also very much necessary if it’s to work decently.
If I’m not mistaken, Particle is still hiring more people. Although it might not seem that way, particle is still a fairly small company with around ~30 people working group there. They all have there own specialities and most of them are currently occupied with the electron. Hopefully they’ll get some breathing room once they find more people as well as after the electron release.
Now, after the electron, the companies focus will shift to ‘stability’, during which they should start to improve on a lot of things we’ve already got but aren’t as fancy as we’d like to have them.
It’s not that they aren’t making any updates, it’s just that a lot of them happen behind the scenes currently :wink:



I’m not exactly sure what you’re crying about… They’re working just as hard, if not harder, than they ever have. They’re still growing, and have an enormous amount of work to do. There’s only so much they can do in a given time frame with the resources they have. Even though they might not appear to be on the forums as much as they did, rest assured they’re still around. Personally, I’d rather have them working hard on cool features in silence, than have them spend/waste their time browsing through the forums. If you’ve got issues, or need help, then by all means ask. Knowing the community, you’ll have an answer within a day, if not sooner. If there’s something that can’t be resolved by us (community/elites), we’ll pass it on to the folks at Particle for them to have a look at it.
It’s wonderful that they spend so much time on the forum, but that’s time that can be spend on developing the next cool feature. I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather have that feature. Also, the work that’s being done is also applicable to the Photon, and maybe even the Core. Improvements in code to allow for better performance will work on these devices as well, so it’s not that you ‘lost’ any development time to the Electron, you’re just sharing it to get the best of both worlds.


This is not a complaint. It was just a message saying that I’ve noticed they are working on something else.

I am not worried about the new features. I am worried about the bugs that are outstanding. And again… I can wait I don’t do this professionally but I would like to do it for a living, and some bugs need attention and I hope the dilemma of more products vs product quality don’t hit us hard.

I have. A bunch of outstanding issues that I can’t solve…

Histerisis with solar chargers and not being able to wake and/or loose the ability to boot without a reset.
Not being able to enter safeMode programmatically
And issues with the servo routin and some timers.
Among others

Not to mention important features like local compile with the IDE.

ANYWAY. it’s not a complaint… Just wondering…

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Been able to put libraries in directories within dev, would be nice too, on top of the other issues.
I don’t think the photon / core has got to the stage where you could sell a product base on it , if I built a burglar alarm based on the arduino and went on holiday you would come back to it working , where with a photon you would come home to a fast flashing led etc.

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I felt like @Moors7 made it pretty clear that these issues are likely to get fixed after they meet their commitment of producing the Electron.

Also, I totally use folders in Particle Dev, the only thing is that Particle Dev flattens the folder structure when compiling so when #includeing a library, you don’t specify any subfolders. Obviously, it needs improvement, but it’s not as though you can’t organize your code.

We’re here! Just really busy trying to get the electron out! It’s amazing how much the team has grown, and that’s allowed us to take on a lot of things at once! Multiple mobile apps, sim card payment processing, new setup processes, new firmware, new efficient protocols, new services / servers, new testing, new distributors, the list goes on and on! We’re still here, even if it takes us a little longer to respond. :slight_smile:

edit: Also, I should mention too that like many large software teams that alternate between features and fixes, during Q1 next year we’ll most-likely be focusing on fixes and experience, and probably cooling it on new features for at least a few sprints so we can address any concerns. :slight_smile:



@tjp , Thanks for that , not able to put each library in it’s own folder and having to put it into into the root project folder was driving me daft.
Before it didn’t show any errors , but just didn’t work.


Thank you @Dave

Il be waiting for the updates. When is the next firmware planned for?

I think the plan had been to do an 048 release of firmware this sprint (ending next week), but I’m not sure what the status of that is at the moment. Certainly wouldn’t be until at least next week I reckon. Sorry about the delay!



The Particle team is incredibly helpful and responsive…

I appr cite your help, and I hope that we will soon have 048!


I would like to describe my situation. I have one Photon with some think wrong. I asked for help whether the Photon could be recovered but didn’t get any help. Then decided to buy new Photon and realized that shipping fee is around $120 for Photon while couple weeks ago it was just $10. Now I have neither Photon nor P1 to play with. I hope situation becomes better soon.

I’m eager for the Electron to launch, not only to get my hands on one but also because I’m looking forward to some of those features that are teasing me on my dashboard (Home, Data and Errors)!

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Tic. Toc… No Updates for the Photon? :frowning:

Firmware 0.4.9 for the Photon will be released next week.


we :heart: updates!!!

like the proverbial groundhog, you guys must be ready to pop your heads up for a peek!


CANT WAIT :smile: