Smart (wireless) breadboard

Checkout this thread on reddit about this project this guy is doing:

He’s making a breadboard that can be programmed via software to connect any point on the breadboard to any other point. So you basically eliminate any wires and only plug in your components. I’m guessing he’s using some type of FPGA to accomplish this.

Anyway, I thought it was a great idea and had to share.


Very cool! There are some limitation:

It runs on a switching matrix… there will be a limitation in current, would be up to 10mA through the data rails and the supply would be up to 150mA

I am not sure what the bandwidth is on those switches but for a lot of projects, this would be great. I you could do your wiring on an onscreen virtual breadboard, that would be cool.

These guys did the 1sheeld kickstarter campaing also. You can sign up for more info as well. :smile: