Hello. My application is powered full time, so current is not a concern. We will try to minimize cellular data. I am trying to better understand the SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY functionality specifically to minimize cellular data.

I have read the Particle Cellular Data Usage Guide here, and mostly understand it:

This device will be used in the USA only with the LTE model if it makes any difference.

  1. I would like the application to run constantly, it will be handling other things over a wired bus aside from talking to the cloud, so having the device in a power down or sleep condition is not as useful in this case.

  2. Is there a way to enter the SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY (or other condition that basically eliminates cell traffic / pings / etc) that I can quickly switch in and out of that won’t upset the cellular carrier due to re-connect spamming, yet will minimize traffic? I don’t think I want to do the disconnect each time because as I understand it, there will be the larger 6kb of handshake data each time, plus I think this upsets the cellular carrier?

  3. I assume in this SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY or similar condition, it will be impossible for the cloud to communicate push instructions to the device (for example if we need to turn on a switch). I assume I will need to wait for the next interval to wake up the network and check in?

To handle this, I consider I may have the device check in with cloud every 20 min or so, and if the cloud sees we have upcoming scheduled events, it will communicate back to Boron to remain active and not go back into standby, so it will be alive and ready when the cloud begins to talk to it over the next 20 min or so, then after events are complete, it can go back into 20 min sleep intervals.

  1. Or is it best to just connect and leave the system connected and use particle Particle.publish, .variable, and .function? I assume I will use Particle.publish to string together several values and send them all at once, then I plan to use .variable if the cloud needs to update parameters inside the device, and .function to cause things to operate on the device.

  2. Are there parameters of the cellular library I can adjust to minimize the ping overhead?

Thank you.

I would suggest leaving the Boron LTE in Automatic Mode, nothing else required.
The Cellular data used for the Boron to maintain the Connection is negligible.
You can actually publish quite a bit of scheduled data and never come close to the 3 MB included with the Service Plan.

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