Hi guys,

I have two questions about the SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY details:
1. How much energy does it consume?
In the datasheet I’ve found the current consumption in Sleep with the Cellular OFF, but in SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY the module is ON so how much does it consume?

2. Every time the Electron awakes from this mode, does it have to reconnect to the Cloud?
After the SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY the Electron has to send 135 bytes needed to restore the session or it just send few data only to check the Cloud reachability? More or less how much data consumes this mode on wake up?

I can’t find many information about SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY in the docs and I think it could be interesting to collect many details about this cool mode here in a single place! :grinning:

Thanks in advance! :raised_hands: