Electron Sleep Mode Clarification

I know its been asked a few times through this forum, but I was hoping to get a clear and decisive answer. I deployed an Electron yesterday with the following sleep statement:


As of today, I’ve used half of the 1mb data plan. If I switch to the statement below, will this reduce my data usage?

  System.sleep(D3, RISING, sleepTime, SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY);

I upgraded the firmware of the Electron to 5.0 and I’m using the wire library. I’m assuming if I switch it to the stop mode code that I will need to use Wire.begin() after waking up. (sleepTime is 15 minutes)

Thank you!

Currently stop mode sleep (the 2nd one) will use less data since it doesn’t have to resync with the cloud. This will be addressed in 0.6 which will also avoid needing to resync with the cloud after waking up from deep sleep.


Thank you for clarifying. I’ll reprogram it later today when it stops raining out.