Cellular pause?


I have an application where I only need to make a cellular connection every fifteen minutes or so, but have the code constantly running. Using Cellular off turns off the modem completely and takes a long time to connect. I understand that System.sleep ‘pauses’ the cellular while running code. How does System.sleep(long seconds) work? Is there a Cellular.pause() command or something like that?

Have a look at this application note by rickkas7. Although it was written for the electron, the same concept should apply to the boron.

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The thing is that I couldn’t find any sleep modes where code still runs and cellular is in standby mode. Hope someone can help.

It is not possible to put the cellular modem in standby mode while the code continues to run. However, even if you could it would not make a significant difference in power consumption.

The modem uses very little power unless sending or receiving data. Since the cloud pings are 23 minutes apart there should be very little data usage when the modem is idle.

I took this measurement for a different reason, but it also illustrates this point. In the space between “Cloud operations finish” and “Preparing for cellular off” there are some tiny spikes, but the baseline power consumption is almost the same as when cellular is completely off.

And those spikes will occur in cellular standby as those are the modem keeping the tower connection alive, which is what eliminates the long blinking green step.



I had another thread question about sleep. My issue is for some reason after about 10 days it stopped connecting. Not sure really why. But in this thread it was suggested to use Cellular off. Not sure if this helps.