SIM Card Activate-Deactive-Activate


I have 3 SIM cards that was mailed to me when I purchased the particle board. Only one of them is active and we are using it for our active development in our office. But one of our prospective client wants to test our system.

If I activate one of our “none-activated” SIM card and deactivate it after 1 month. Will I be able to re-activate that same deactivated SIM card in 3 months time when another client wants to test out system?


I think that Particle Tutorials is a good start point.
you can active, inactive, pause as many time as you want but I’m not sure about free 1MB data plan for 3 months I mean you can’t active the sim for 1 month then deactivate for let’s say 1 week then active again after 2 months and expect free 1MB data plan again :slight_smile:

The Particle Tutorials is a compendium of knowledge and is really worth to read :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that you will find the answer there

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