Shipping expenses very high

I was about to order some device to try mesh and WIFI. It turned a expense of about 15 $.
But the shipping at minimum was 35 $. For Switzerland.
I did not ordered of course.
You checked my basket and sent me an email saying that I should order. :slight_smile:
Well, I like to answer to you that if you do not offer a regular land shipping at a correct price I will not order and probably find other solutions to get into wireless development. :slight_smile:
Neverless I like your products.

I have the same issue to the UK.

No Mesh hardware is going to be shipping until late December direct from Particle. I’m waiting for a local supplier such as to get them in stock.

Check who you’re local Particle sellers are and wait for them to get stock of Mesh hardware.

I’m from Austria and usually ordering at to avoid excessive shipping cost.
Unfortunately the haven’t stocked any Mesh devices yet.

I’m from Germany and buy here: - also occasionally offers coupons and
All shops do not yet offer the mesh products.

Thx guys, did not think about looking for an alternative. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

We’re aware that shipping internationally is a bit pricy right now and we’re working with our logistics company to try to reduce that. I know some distributors have reached out to us (and us to them) about stocking the mesh products, but I don’t have a timeline on which distributors are getting Mesh products and when. I’ll check with my distribution team and update here once I get more information.


@jmjobin not a perfect fix but we are offering free shipping on orders over $100 as a part of our Cyber Monday sale. In addition to the 20% discount on Mesh and 40% discount on accessories this is a good opportunity for folks in our international community to stock up on new hardware if you were considering it.

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@will Yes, thank you, I knew that, but some do it with less than 1 buck and any time of the year.
Product probably not at this level I agree but I would not mind to pay more for the product and get the shipping for free, that I do not end up by paying triple of what I need just for shipping expenses.
I can also wait to get it, I do not mind.
Time has changed… and raising the price just on packaging is over, of course this is my opinion.
Still a fan of your Particle devices. :slight_smile:

Shipping isn’t really free then, is it? It’s then passed onto the product price which means you pay for shipping with each device rather than for an order as a whole. That could end up being way more expensive in the end.
There’s also the issue of differences in shipping costs. Internationally, you’ll always be paying more, so should there be different prices for the same item depending on where you live?

Shipping it generally expensive, especially overseas. Some countries (think China) are heavily subsidized by the government to achieve cheap/free shipping costs as to boost sales. As far as I’m aware, the USA isn’t doing that quite yet.

Alternatively, wait for local distributors to get them in stock and order there, though they’ll most likely charge you for shipping too, or marked the product up to cover for shipping.

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As fellow European (as is @Moors7) I can only second Moors’ assessment.
It depends who and where this "some" entitiy is. Ordering electronic components directly from the US is most the time quite expensive due to shipping and taxes.
“Local” retailers have the benefit that they can order considerable quantities and hence get a better price on the devices one hand and shipping/taxation comes cheaper for them too.

I have frequently ordered in the US due to massive discounts on the product itself, but ended up more expensive on my doorstep than it would have been without the discount but ordered in Europe.
But for China the story is completely different due to their export policy.

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@ScruffR, @Moors7, right the China story is what I was my insinuation. If nobody moves this will kill the market. But this is probably not a right thema for the forum.
Anyway trying to make a land shipping @ about 5-9$ that may take 30 days would probably drop the price as using DHL or similar.
Thank you for the messages, have a nice day.

Digikey is already listing the mesh devices, although they are not yet stocked. But this means they will probably be available soon.
They are also shipping from the US, but cheaper (for Germany):
18€ for orders < 50€
free for orders >50€
Shipping usually takes two days with UPS to Germany.

So if you spend 50€, you can buy boards for the whole amount.

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Got my Xenon to Spark Fun and paid $4.39 for shipping.
Great, I found a solution.
Problem close for me :slight_smile: