Shipping Argon and Xenon to client, how to add to my account on their Wifi for development


So I have shipped an Argon and a few Xenons to the client. I have put them in listening mode and they contain no custom firmware.
They need to now put the Argon on their wifi and the xenon on the mesh via the Particle App.

My question, do I give them my account details so these show up on my console?
My development is not complete but I need the units to be on site for further testing and OTA firmware upgrades.

How does one deal with the end user when you need their devices to show up on your own console or does it not work like that.

Ideally what I need to do is ship 10 Argons +4 Xenons to 10 branches each with their own Wifi and load and adjust firmware OTA.

Thanks a mil in advance.

You could have pre-assigned the Xenons to the Argon’s mesh and hooking up the Argon to the clients WiFi can be done via USB (or via the iOS app by skipping the claiming process - unfortunately the Andorid does not yet support skipping the claiming process).

I’m not sure whether you can also hook the Xenons up to a mesh via iOS app without claiming, but the CLI particle mesh add command should allow for that too.

Thanks, Scruff, because these are going to different sites (and I don’t know the names) I was hoping the client can name the gateway and mesh appropriately and according to the site. I will also be sending additional Xenon’s to certain sites to be added. So it’s important the client takes control of the Mesh and gateway setup and assign correct names they would understand.

The Argons and Xenons that was shipped shipping are already claimed by me. On the IOS app, can they assign WiFi and mesh with the particle app without logging in?

This is what I've heard - I don't (care to :wink:) own an iOS device so I can't check myself.

Just had a quick go at it. Indeed on IOS you can bypass authentication but looks like you can only enroll Photons. The Argon does not appear on the WiFi SSID list.

For Argons you need to connect via Bluetooth not WiFi.

Just an idea - do you know the SSID and security code for the customer sites and would they be willing to pre-share this? You could load the customer WiFi credential details into the Argon before you ship them. As for the device names - will the customers be using the Particle console? If not then you could define a function to assign a name to each node and the customer can call them whatever they like. On my mesh networks I have 2 variables for each device; asset number and location. Once I have setup the gateway device and endnodes then I don’t change their Cloud device names.

Tried the Bluetooth connection, it does not appear. @Armor, don’t think that’s a viable solution. The sites are all over the country

My sites are a combination of LAN, WiFi, 3G, Vsat and RF patch. If they all have a hub, then I suppose Ethernet is the way to go.

How do others roll out Argons to remote sites they don’t have access to?

Was the device blinking blue at the time?
How did you search for it?

Yes it was blinking blue. On iOS when you open the blue tooth connection it searches automatically, or you pull down. I tried a few times. Could it be due to the fact the Argon was claimed. It was not part of a mesh. I did n full reset on both Argon and Xenon.

You'd use the iOS Particle App and add a new device - at that time the app wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a claimed and an unclaimed device.

How do others roll out Argons to remote sites they don’t have access to?

With Photons I use a mix of UI with buttons and softAP for WiFi setup. The difficulty has come with WPA Enterprise that certificate entry isn't feasible and hence the approach to storing the certificate on an SD (or other media e.g. EEPROM or FRAM).

If you don't to create a UI then headless and Bluetooth is the route to go with the Argon.