Several E-Series devices failing to connect

I have several devices that go through the following sequence:

  • Breathing white (other internal processes before connecting)
  • move to breathing blue (which I believe is cellular/sim related?)
  • eventually give up, go back to sleep (my code dictates this after 60 seconds of failure)

What they should be doing, and many other devices with the same code/version correctly do:

  • Breath white
  • Flash green
  • strobe cyan
  • breath cyan (connected, doing their thing)
  • disconnect and go back to sleep.

What’s possibly different on these devices is that they are ~5 from a batch of 15 that were offline/battery disconnected from around 3/6 or 3/7 and were reconnected yesterday. I’ve let them cycle quite a few times hoping it was just network provisioning, but no such luck in rehabilitating. Code worked (and has been untouched) 3/6-3/7 prior, in most cases for months. Others from same batch fired back up after their disconnect without issue.

Note: these are all manual mode devices.

Any ideas why these might be different?

Can you try running one of these devices with a clean build of Tinker to see if it connects?

If not - run this:
And attach a few minutes of logs.
You can investigate the logs yourself too by referring to: