Most recent devices stopped connecting overnight

I have six e-series based devices that are all my most recent to be added to my account. Two have been in the field for more than a week without any issue, and 4 others were set up yesterday but worked perfectly then. Today: all are flashing green when attempting to connect (can’t find cell).

  • The two that were in the field dropped out right around midnight.
  • The other 4 had been unplugged overnight, plugged back in today and stuck flashing green
  • Identical device sitting about 25 feet away from one of the field devices continues to work without issue.
  • Of the two field devices that stopped working: they’re about 100 miles apart.

Anything going on? Anything I can do to get them back online?

For connectivity issues, we suggest retrieving the Cloud Debug logs.

Please refer to the Cloud Debug section in this document: Cellular Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide – Particle Support

There are 2 ways to retrieve Cloud Debug logs:

  1. If you are using Chrome, Edge or Opera, you can try this convenient browser based retrieval (Particle Cloud Debug). You can flash Device OS (including bootloader and soft device) and the cloud debug firmware right from your browser with no additional software required. Once generated, you can view the Cloud Debug logs right on the web page, with the options to copy to clipboard or download it as a file.

  2. Alternatively, you can download and install Cloud Debug (link) onto the device? Output the logs with particle serial monitor --follow in the Terminal of your choice (Mac - Terminal, Windows - cmd.exe, etc…) after installing the Particle CLI.

After checking, if you do not uncover any causes, feel free to log a ticket at .

Swing and a miss: turns out somewhere in there particle allowed me to register the devices, they worked for a time, then they lost the SIM card information (stopped even showing up in my list).

For the very templated support message above: next time read the post, no use in looking up cloud debug information on a device that fails to get to a tower, nevermind the cloud.

Hi @wileecoyoti - Cloud Debug is a bit of a misnomer, it’s actually most useful in debugging the cellular stack! It returns AT commands and other important info when debugging the cellular stack.

If you DM me your device IDs, I’m happy to give you a precise accounting of what happened with your SIM cards.

Hi @wileecoyoti - how did you activate these devices? CLI? Mobile App? Something else? (e.g. Console)?