Setting up a used electron

I have an electron asset tracker V2 that a friend gave to me. How would I go about resetting and renaming it as well as using a sim card from a previous electron? the sim card is still showing as active in the build interface. Does it need to be unclaimed first?

The SIM card can be swapped without any additional steps required.
The Asset Tracker V2 board can be used with any Electron too.
So the only thing you’d need to officially take over is the Electron itself.
For that you have multiple options. One of the easiest ones would be via Web IDE

With that you should get prompted for the device ID of the Electron and a message that that device is already claimed to someone else and if you want that person to be requested to release the device.

That is where I started but I can’t find the device ID. I tried using particle identify in the command promp but it says device unknown. is there another way?

@Brianmerle, do you have the latest version of CLI installed? Are you running Windows or Linux? Did you put the Electron in Listening Mode prior to trying particle serial identify?

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Sorry for posting too soon without trying everything. I’ll have my friend unlink it from his end and try putting it in listening mode. I’ll reply if I have any trouble.

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