Serial numbers file for bulk orders?

I have seen it somewhere but it seems like the sales website has changed recently.

How do you indicate/ where is it documented how serial numbers are handled when you order a reel of P1s, for example?

I recall there were two options, one of them being sent a serials file? I can’t find a reference to this anymore.

You could mail sales[at] or hello[at] to inquire about this - I’m not aware that this is “documented” anywhere.

You should automatically be emailed a file containing the serial numbers, device IDs, and/or SIM ICCIDs as appropriate if you order in tray or reel quantities from the wholesale store. If you didn’t get it, you can create a support ticket and the list can be pulled again.

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Thanks for the response @rickkas7, I emailed sales last night and still haven’t heard back. I’ll tell the CM to go ahead and buy since they’re waiting on this…