Sending sensor data through Electron to Azure

Hi, I work with mining firm and we have a lot of machines to monitor vibration, temp and humidity, so far we have been using PLC with analog sensors but now wants to move to more IoT friendly solution, we have been in contact with and they have suggested that we should use electron cellular module with their wireless sensors we want to send the sensor data to our Azure IoT hub. I believe we can use webhooks to connect these sensors, electron and Azure. Is there a way we can directly send sensor data from Electron to Azure.

There is a dedicated Integration for Azure

I’m not sure how up to date the details are, I have no doubt Azure IoT evolves quite quickly. I gave it a go and so did a few others (@RWB ?) but I’m not sure how many have stuck with it. Azure is pretty daunting if its not your area of expertise, there’s just too many ways to do things.

Worth noting is that Losant has a mining monitoring system based on electrons as one of its example partnerships that it developed with a client. Many would consider the Losant workflow simpler to implement although it can of course integrate with Azure & 3rd party platforms too

Nope, not directly (read avoiding Particle Cloud) since there is no easy way to directly connect to an HTTPS endpoint with the TCPClient object.
So Particle Webhooks/Integrations will be the way to go with Azure.

thanks for the reply… it looks like there has been some work done in azure partical lib.
The issue is that we have a lot of restriction in terms of data routing and can use only few vendors/cloud service providers . is there any other cellular module we can use to send data to a Azure.

Yea, I did not like the Azure integration because for me personally, it was overly complicated to work with compared to Losant.

You can easily push data to Losant and do anything you want with it and create nice dashboards like the example pictured below:

Other modules - several will show up with a quick Google but I think the Electron is probably the only one with a community like this and an accessible arduino like platform. The Particle platform has many desirable features for maintaining an uptodate IoT product. If you can, negotiating suitable routing is probably worth it.

Otherwise… maybe a a gpy? Quite a few of the others by default also use their own cloud platform and several are alos 2G- so destined for uselessness.

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Hi @Martin76 -

Sounds like an interesting use case. I sent some IOT data to Azure SQL Server earlier this year and wrote up my process here:

Hopefully that helps? Feel free to ask away if you need more details.