Particle Electron Microsoft Azure IoT Hub library? [SOLVED]

Would it be possible to have a library written for the Particle Electron to communicate with the IoT Hub that Azure provides?

I know there have been a few tutorials and thread posts, but these always seem to be either snippets or very specific applications. Further, there is a lot of talk of Particle + EventHubs, but I am specifically talking about a system that uses Particle + IoT Hub. It would be nice to have a library for fellow novices to easily setup an Electron to communicate securely with the IoT Hub.

I think with the IoT movement really taking off at the moment this would be really beneficial for the whole Particle ecosystem.


@Dave - better to discuss this issue here I think?

This is marked as “solved” - how was this resolved? I’m also interested…

Search for the Azure photon spark fun weather shield tutorial on

You can not connect directly to the Azure IOT because it requires AES on the data you send which is not supported by the Particle line currently.