Sending data to prometheus server

I am looking to send device data to a timescale postgres db. I am able to send data into the timescale postgresdb via mqtt to telegraf then to timescale. Timescale has a telegraf plugin that can manage the whole process of formatting the mqtt data and posting to specific tables etc.

However timescale is now going the direction of using prometheus instead of telegraf - and I’d like to explore that. It is rather interesting to note almost no discussion here on prometheus. Wondering if anyone can help me to get a general idea of the best / easiest way to get the data to a local prometheus server.

Hey, there was some work in the area by @DazWilkin and he posted it here:

(if you have already seen this, please disregard my comment)

@gusgonnet I have seen that. The development seemed to have stopped because of lack of interest here?

I do not know