Data transfer frequency

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Just a quick question, my apologies if it has been addressed before, but I was unable to find an answer. It seems previous posts addressed the question of sending large amounts of data; my question is rather whether there is a limit to the frequency I can post small packets of data (current sensor reads) either via Webhooks or other method to Google Sheets (or Ubidots).

I am responsible for the hardware on this project and need to convince my associates that Particle is the way to go :slight_smile:

I would appreciate some advice.


Can you provide a little more detail?

When you say large amounts of data, how much do you mean exactly? In the IoT world, 512 KB can large as well as 30 MB. And, how frequent are you wanting to send data?

Edit: I just re-read your statement and it looks like you did say that you wanted to send frequent, small amounts of data, not large amounts of data.

The frequency would be a factor, if it is multiple times per second vs once a minute. It also depends on what service you are using – some of them having transaction limits per hour or day. If you were sending the data to a server/database that you owned, then there really isn’t a limit to what you send so long as you have the bandwidth and storage.

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Hi @johnpaulensign -

Thank you for the prompt response.

I do know the main criteria is that they want to be able to post a new value within 0.5s from the previous post. Not to say that it will post continuously every 0.5s of course.

They tried using web hooks posting to Particle cloud but it seems turnaround time was close to 4s. I am sure this cannot be the case, but I just wanted to confirm. The size will be bytes, most certainly not MB, as it will only contain the Ampere value the ACS722 IC is measuring.

I think the further debate is to whether to use web hooks and Particle cloud, or post directly to Google services via HTTP?? I am just trying to convince them to stick with Particle products and was hoping to get some confirmation on what the best way is to proceed :slight_smile:

Hope it makes sense.

So the publishing frequency to particle cloud is rate limited to 1 per s continuously or 4 in 4s. The alternative is to use an external MQTT broker or a http POST to an alternate destination server and then you have control over your rate and packet size. I do this successfully by using the MQTT library available in the webIDE and publishing to an AWS hosted server.

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