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I’ve got a Particle Argon with a sensor on it that makes a measurement every few minutes. I want access to all the data that the Argon generates but I don’t have access to a system that’s on all the time.

From what I understand the Argon can publish data to the particle cloud and the particle cloud then forwards the data to some other webhook provider. It seems like Particle won’t buffer the data for me - if the webhook provider is down the data gets dropped.

Can anyone recommend a webhook provider that can store my data until I’m ready to get it from the server? I’d probably get it the data everyday but storage up to a week would cover me. I don’t need more than about 10 MB of storage at any one time. Pay services are OK.

I push data to Google Sheets. Each sensor reading becomes a new line in a spreadsheet. Once in the spreadsheet, macros & scripts can perform calculations, charts, reports … etc. Here’s a link to another thread that provides more detail.

Of course, your internet connection and Google can have outages. You might consider having the Argon write data directly to an SD card.

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We could recommend loads of different options (e.g. Losant, Ubidots, Google, AWS, Azure, virtual servers like Linode, …) but it greatly depends on your actual use-case to say which of these best fits your needs.

I just want access to get get access to the data on my local system. What’s most important to me is that the process is robust and doesn’t lose any data.

Suppose I use google sheets. My particle publishes data to a sheet for a while, then I turn on my computer and some mechanism (either something I write or something that already exists) takes all the new data off the google sheet and appends it to a csv file (or adds the data to a SQL database, whatever)

If you have access to a web server, you can place a receiver/processor file (in my case PHP) on it to accept the data from a custom webhook that you place on the particle dashboard, and then finally process it into / append a CSV file automatically. I do this now with an Electron but have no idea on what the webhook diff is with Argon.

Per my previous post, I have a system logging to Google Sheets. That file is on my Google Drive, which I can mount via a browser. If I want a local copy of the file, I just right-click and choose download. If I only wanted to download the new data, I’d probably just erase the spreadsheet data after I download it.

On the other hand, If I wanted to do this on a regular basis, I’d explore an automated approach. A quick Google search of “google sheets sql server” exposes many options. My guess is there might even be a way to directly log to a SQL database via Google or another web service.