Golang-based Prometheus Exporter for Particle

Had a glass of wine and spent a couple of hours prototyping a Prometheus Exporter for Particle.

Have been working on another project using Prometheus and had used Nick’s “Mesh-connected Soil-monitoring System” and extended it first using OpenCensus and second using Prometheus Pushgateway.

The latter inspired me with this project. So, I scratched the itch and started to build an exporter for Particle:

The idea is that you configure the exporter with your particle access token and, when its /metrics endpoint is requested, the code accesses your particle account, queries resources and build a list of Prometheus-friendly metrics.

The result can then be scraped by a Prometheus server, queried, graphed etc. etc.

The code is very basic and it currently only enumerates /devices and /diagnostics and these are incomplete. I really wanted to see whether there is anything here.

I will flesh the code out tomorrow.

If folks are interested, please send feedback or PRs.


wow, this is cool. I did not know Prometheus.
Thank you!

@gusgonnet – pleased to hear it.

Prometheus is a fast growing, open source monitoring system that integrates with many popular systems. Whether folks are already using Prometheus and want to include Particle, or just want a way to externalize Particle metric data, this Exporter may be able to help.

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