Send data to a specific url

Dear friends,

I’m new to Particle and also new to IoT applications.
I have a Particle Boron. I need upload my sensor data to the cloud. As I’m not familiar with the networking and cloud (I’m an EE), when my computer scientist colleague give me instructions to send the data to the database he built, I don’t really understand what to do. After some digging, I suppose I should be using webhook to pass along my sensor data to his database, but I’m not exactly sure what to do, I appreciate I could get help from here. Following are his instructions:

  1. send data directly to following URL:

  1. use restful API and json file to send data directly to the cloud database. The url and sample json file are:
    json:{“data”:“1011011100100111101110110101100000010001000000000000000000000010001101101100101110100001011011110010001010”,“imei”:“testimei”,“iridiumcep”:“2.0”,“iridiumlatitude”:“35.60103”,“iridiumlongitude”:"-80.23374",“momsn”:1102,“transmittime”:“Tue May 05 2020”}

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So sorry but I have to by honest you are unclear as much as possible! We really need more details what you want to achieve I see that you try to integrate with azurewebsites which I’m completely not familiar but I use search functionality and maybe this is the best starting point. this is a first results from search:

and here:

Maybe that will help a little