Sending Data from PC to Particle Cloud

Is it possible to send data from a PC to the Particle Cloud?

I’m using a bunch of Particle devices and would also like in include some data from a PC.

A little more context to your question may help. What type of data are you wanting to send to the particle cloud from a PC? Is this sensor data coming from a something like a Raspberry PI? Is this data you want to send to one or multiple particle devices? What are you looking at having the Particle Cloud do with this data coming from the PC? Can you provide a bit more detail or even a theoretical use case of what you are trying to accomplish?

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hi @GeerGuy
on top of what Jeff mentioned above, I would also note that the Particle Cloud does not store any data, except in the case you use the notes field for each device.
Perhaps you meant that you want to store data from your PC into your devices (in which case you can call cloud functions)? wild guess there…


Basically I would like to send data from a C# Windows program to the Particle Cloud and have this data treated like it came from a Particle Device.

The data is then sent to either a local server running Node-Red/InfluxDB/Grafana/Blynk or to Azure IoT Central.

I understand how this all works when using Particle Devices, but I would also like to treat the data the same way, just have it come from a PC. The PC would be like a “virtual” Particle Device.

I can just use MQTT to go directly as well, maybe this is the best way.

If it was me, I’d create a simple Webhook from Particle to send data to your local server. That server can process ANY webhook weather it came from Particle or your local PC. The “PC” that is acting as a virtual particle device, just makes an API call directly to your backend with the same data structure as how you configured your webhook. In this case, there is no need to push the data to Particle first.

In fact, this is how I test and debug my backend that processes the webhooks coming from Particle. In my particular instance, I use Postman to send API POST request to my backend with a message body. This message body is in the same format and has the same content just as if it came as webhook from the Particle Cloud from a Particle Device.

Hope that helps and makes sense.

if you really wanted to force your data like this, you can look into Particle Particle on Raspberry Pi

Or simplify your life and have your backend treat it as another device (that does not go through the Particle Cloud).


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I agree, avoid Particle Cloud with non-Particle Devices. Thanks

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There also is a (discontinued) C# SDK you can use as a starting point.

The PC does not have to interact with Particle Devices, so I think that my initial idea was just making things more complicated.