Segger, BLE, and 3rd gen

I have a developer that I was working with on another project and I was talking to him about the project I want to do next. I want to use a Boron / Argon as an central to a few BLE peripheral. He uses Segger and I’ve just installed the studio this afternoon. I have code for GPS and relays already running on the Boron / Argon that I don’t want to lose. Can we use Segger to program the BLE and keep my existing code that I uploaded with Visual studio Code?

The Segger J-Link debugger is compatible with Particle devices. It’s really fast!

The Segger Studio can be used with bare metal devices, without any Particle functionality.

You can’t however mix bare metal code and Particle firmware easily. You need to pick one or the other, you can’t mix the two.

Ok that’s disappointing to hear. So for clarity, if i’ve got a bunch of code that I’ve created with the Particle Toolchain, and I bare metal the Particle device and then develop the BLE solution with Segger, all my code Particle code wont work?

Is there a way to convert the Segger code so that it can work with the Particle Tool chain?

The answer to that question greatly depends on what your code looks like.

You know there also are BLE features exposed in the Particle framework (with more to come).

The problem is I’m a horrible programmer and someone that I’ve been working with has created code very similar to the code I need for another project I’ve been working on for years. but the code is in Segger and uses NRF52840 for it’s central and NRF52832 for it’s peripheral’s. I’ve got a ton of redbear nanos so I have no prob using them as peripheral as they’ll have to go bare metal with the Segger code but I need to use a Boron that I have code already for and that uses the Particle infra. So I’m trying to figure out how to get the Particle Boron to work in Central mode using the Particle Bluetooth API (I have no clue how it works) and keep my existing code (GPS Tracker).

It suuuucks not being a programmer or instructions / demos written by programmers.