Connection Xenon to Segger Embedded Studio

I was wondering if I could setup my Xenon with Segger Embedded Studio. I see the nrf5_sdk library within the particle-iot library in github. I would assume I would be able to use for instance the ble_app_uart example within the examples/ble_peripheral folder with the pca10056/s140/ses example on Segger Embedded Studio. The only problem is that when I build and run the application a few funny things happen which lead me to believe that it is not working. For instance, the device doesn’t seem to have the UART capability although I am able to connect to it from an external device (iPhone via Bluefruit app). I think this has to do with the firmware that is already bootloaded onto the Xenon device that is restricting certain behaviors, but I’m not sure and maybe y’all have a better idea. By they way, I have the Xenon connected to my Mac via J-Link.

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Any advance with this? I’m interested in program Boron with Segger Embedded Studio as well in order to use BLE advertisements characteristics of nRF52840.

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Manuel Montenegro