Saving IoT Electron data to Ethereum Blockchain

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Hi all,

First time poster long time viewer. I am hoping the community might offer me a little direction in problem solving a potential pipeline problem I am trying to solve.

I am a masters research student looking into the viability of saving IoT events to the Ethereum blockchain. I have purchased the Electron kit and also the Electron kit with the added array of sensors. So far I have set up the Electron and I am getting the GPS coordinates I want through a MQTT broker.

I am also working on learning Solidity to write smart contract for saving IoT data to the Ethereum blockchain. Does anyone have a suggestion of pipelining the IoT data from the device to the blockchain. I am only really interest in events that pass a certain threshold as saving all the generated data would not be feasible for a blockchain. I am looking into InfluxDB as a potential bridge but if anyone has any concrete suggestions I would appreciate the input. Or even a link to a previous post that I may have overlooked.