[Carloop] - How to code Electron to send data

My goal is to get my Electron to send me the mileage of my car every time I turn my car on.

I got a Carloop attachment (https://store.carloop.io/products/carloop), and installed the Particle workbench (https://www.particle.io/workbench#installation). I started up the workbench and created a new project, and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

I’m trying to start small with writing a program that will have the Electron send me something. Maybe a “hi” (which is what I’m trying to do in the above screenshot). By “send me” I mean to output it somewhere I can find (terminal, phone text, email… I don’t know. Looks like there’s an “output” window so that looks promising.)

Any idea of a next step, or any documentation that would be helpful for me? Thanks in advance.

Look up the blynk app. Choose to display your information with lcd widget. Easy to setup. Quick.

Start off with searching YouTube for photon and blynk not just the electron and blynk.

That should point you in a good direction…

While working with lcd or LED addressable matrix to display in real world they have neopixel and neo matrix libraries that work really well with photon and electrons already out of the box…

I myself am trying to get readouts through argon and boron and the libraries aren’t built just yet to work fully with them. But your good with electron…

I was at work earlier and needed more time but here’s some more info…

For email Maybe this,

Instead of a button just send car loop data to email…

Ultimately search for particle photon email or particle electron email on google or YouTube

For text messages these type of things,

Ultimately search for particle electron sms or particle photon sms

So learn about webhooks and sms services like twilio. There are other sms services.