Newbie on Electron - sending emails


Very new to this technology so pardon the simplicity of the question. I’m interested in using the Electron platform as an alarm event function. In a nutshell, the platform will be in an isolated cottage with no utilities, battery will be on a solar cell. The question is can I use the Electron to email me messages to my comcast account when I have an alarm event. Thanks:grinning:

That’s very much doable, albeit not directly. There are various services you can integrate with using either Webhooks or the newly released rules-engine to “connect the dots”. Ifttt would be yet another option.

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You can also integrate the Electron with services like Losant or Ubidots to create a time graph of your data and send SMS and Email messages based on your settings.

I’m looking forward to trying the new Particle Rules Engine.

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You can check which Carrier(s) that Particle uses here:
Use the Drop-Down list on the Right and select your Country.

You also have the choice of using a 3’rd party SIM Card if your isolated cottage location doesn’t have coverage with that particular Carrier.

You have many options for the backend (as the others have already pointed out).

Cool, Can’t wait to start the project. I have big plans to ‘rig’ the cottage after we shut it down. Thanks everyone for the feedback.


Assuming that the cottage might be your second home, or you have another place that is connected to the internet and has power 24/7… one option would be to set up the electron to publish an event, IE alarm activated… and then have a Rasp PI sitting somewere else on the internet, monitoring published events… The PI can actually send emails via SMPT and that can be picked up on your model phone…