Are you working on an Electron Project?

Hey Everyone,

If you’re working on an Electron or have already made one, share it with the world on! It’s also a great place to visit for inspiration.

Here’s one of our favorites from our very own @jvanier. It shows you how to use the Particle Electron to get a project online in just 15 minutes.

Check it out and then show us what you’ve made!

###From 0 to IoT in 15 minutes

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Tried your project. With firmware 0.4.8 it uses 5-6k of data every time it connects. This could get expensive?

Thanks for the comment. I intend to sit down with people who know more about the cell modem to figure out how to decrease the data usage for this project.


I am working on a solution with 0.5.0 firmware. Will keep you posted here.