Safe Mode Cannot Flash

Ok… So opened a photon I bought a while back. It was breathing cyan, but unable to be flashed to. Read around on here and saw to use Particle cli to run particle update. Did that and now it’s in safe mode. Cool I thought… According to the threads that’s what it’s supposed to do… Only no luck. Still can’t flash any code to the thing.

Tried running update again and now it tells me “Cannot read property ‘code’ of undefined…”

Any ideas?

Do the next two things in DFU mode:
“Particle update”
“Particle flash --usb tinker”

See if that helps?

Put device in DFU mode Particle update… Gives me the Cannot read property ‘code’ error. goes back to safe mode.

Put device back into DFU mode ran Particle flash --usb tinker.

Tells me " Error writing firmware: Invalid DFU suffix signature A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!!
Error during download get_status.

Goes back into safe mode. Still cannot flash code. :frowning: