Rules Engine - Slack node "Posting Username" doesn't work

When I use the Slack node in rules engine to send messages to my slack workspace, changing the “Posting Username” doesnt change the name of the person sending the message in the slack channel. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there an issue with the node.

EDIT: It posts as the app name instead of the one I designate in the node. This might suggest the webhook the rules engine sends to slack api doesn’t have the username parameter in the payload?

This is caused by a bug in the Particle node. Even though you posted in the other thread, I’ll include the link here in case anyone else runs into this issue and finds this post.

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Apologies, I thought it was unrelated. Thanks for the reply @rickkas7 :slight_smile:

Just curious, I was wondering how the Particle API node is related to the Slack node?