First step issues with the Rule engine


Hi There
I just got started with Rule engine with the Photon.
For my first flow test I have a single variable published with the Photon :
Particle.publish(“HP”, String(value0), PRIVATE);
The console shows me the published values.
At the Rule engine, I’m using a subscribe node to retrieve the value0 (a number) and wired to a debug node but nothing is happening on the debug tab.
It looks like my connection to the cloud from my Rule engine is not working.
I can play with the Inject node and everything is ok.
In addition to that, currently I’m getting error 502 and 503 since 9-24-19 - 9:30 pm - Pacific time.
This is the Subscribe node config I’m using

Any help on that?

Thank you in advance.


How about leaving the Device entry blank?
This way you can also use to test your flow.

Not sure about your Auth entry as you (of course) blanked that, but for mee the client ID looks a bit short - have you created the Auth client correctly?


Retaking this post that you answered me and after comings and goings with Rule Engine Tech support they told me that I entered a wrong argument and that was a reason why I got error 502 and 503.
Afterward, I could open the canvas but the flow was disabled.
I consulted again and they told me that I should consider work out this issue with the community.
I have also changed the Auth entry you were right telling me that !!!
Well, I’m here… and thank you for some help.