Flaw in recent particle update?

Recently, when installing a new unit of mine at a customer’s job site, I had an issue with publish And subscribe functions routing through the cloud. I spend three days troubleshooting this and came across two issues one was updating to the newest system firmware 0.6.3, the other was making sure that the UDP port was open. However at the end of those three days none of those things have fixed my problem. It seems to be an issue is that a couple of people have brought up regarding events in the console that show “unsupported Coap”.

Can anyone shed some light on what may be going on? At this point I can’t sell anymore of my products, and a contract with a multi national company is at stake.

Might want to get @Dave to take a look at the “Unsupported Coap” issues. I have seen others talk about some extra code showing in their particle published event stream but not sure if that’s part of the same issue your seeing.

What is your application if you don’t mind me asking?

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I sent an email to particle, Dave is already on it. My product uses the publish and subscribe to send encrypted data for access control.

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Hey All!

So we hired a few Daves recently, there’s a new Dave on the support team, and a new Dave on the marketing team, but I’ll always be @Dave on the forums :slight_smile:

The Cloud Team soft launched a cool new feature, and I think it’s responsible for some of these new events. They’re meant to be there, but documentation and more information is coming soon about what they’re for.