CoAP library status?

Hey @hirotakaster ,

seems like you are the master of the alternative protocols we can use on the Particle platform.

I found out that you have an Arduino library that implements CoAP here.
I see there is a link to a Particle library, but I read that community members were not able to compile or use it.

What is the status of that library, in your opinion?
I wonder if in some cases this library can be a good option to the MQTT library, that you also know very well :slight_smile:


Hi @gusgonnet ,

Thanks for letting me know.
I didn’t maintain the CoAP library because I didn’t think anyone was using it, and Particle API is based CoAP protocol so I think CoAP specified lib is no-needed :sweat_smile:
But I got to know that some developer try/want to use it, Okay I will maintain(compile/test) CoAP library for latest firmware.

Thank you.


Hi, @mm6

Now I update the coap library to 0.2.5 version.
Here is "How to build & test the CoAP community library on Argon(firmware 5.3.0)"

Thank you.


Outstanding work! Thank you @hirotakaster


Hi @mm6 @UMD @DVDBE ,
you expressed interest in this CoAP library in the past (from what I can see in the community posts).
FYI then.

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Thanks @gusgonnet and of course, @hirotakaster!

We were interested in using COAP direct to our own web service for IOT transactions to reduce turnaround time (our use case has a , leaving the Particle channel for device management (firmware upgrades and heart beats).

I envisage a problem though - code size - we have not got much left…

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