Room Temperature Monitor

I needed something to monitor the temperature in my baby daughters room that gets either too cold or too hot.

  • Monitors temperature readings and posts to Xively
  • Using Triggers on Xively alerts me to when the temperature crosses certain threshholds
  • Overkill, but I added a PIR sensor to detect when someone walks into the room and displays smiley face when everything’s okay and sad face when its not, along with current temperature.
  • I’ve put everything in a clear enclosure and compensated for temperature differences


Wow this is great!

Hey can you set up triggers on Xively that checks to see if a value hasn’t changed in the last xx minutes or so? That way you could be alerted if the internet went down as well. A type of watchdog timer fail-safe if you will. Obviously you’ll be going in and checking regularly too… this just helps you worry less. I get it!

The only thing left to debate is what temperature range is safe for babies… that’s a sticky one, lot’s of opinions out there :smile:

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Agreed, this is awesome! You could also be incrementing some counter, and compare those for the same effect (detecting uptime)

Hi @dkobia, any chance in sharing the code of your great project ?


What a great project. Would you be willing to share a few details. I am sure there is a lot of interest out there for a project like this.

Thanks for sharing.

@rudyvan @Julian I’ll clean up the code and post on github shortly along with some documentation.


Thank you for your effort. Looking forward to making this one. :smiley:

Hi Dkobia
Would it be possible for you to post the code here? I’m having a hard time getting my Spark to communicate with Xively.

I’m working on a couple of similar projects. Basically two different options for monitoring the temperature in my kids’ rooms. I know my oldest daughter’s room gets upwards of 80°F or more some afternoons during the summer, but I’d like to be able to track that via a remote method (a :spark:) so that I can do experiments while she’s napping with the door closed in the afternoon. I have a Nest thermostat, so I could possibly use some threshold monitoring on her room temperature to trigger turning the fan or air conditioning on. If all else fails, I may need to put a louver in her door to increase airflow.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about is a microphone of sorts to pick up sound. I can send an alert to my cell phone to let me know the baby is awake, so I can come in from the back yard and get her out of bed. Our wireless baby monitor isn’t as reliable on the far corners of my yard. It’s also bulkier than a cell phone!

I created with direct spark core support for exactly this. It just takes one line of code to expose the variable to the cloud api and Atomiot takes care of the rest.

See this thread.

Here’s my kid’s room.

I have it setup to send Pushover push notifications to my phone when thresholds are reached.


Thanks Kareem, that is a nice feature.

I have been using Xively quite a lot for my greenhouse in the past using an Arduino attached to a computer. I would like to continue to log on Xively, but now wireless. Unfortunately I have only been able to log data from my Core to Xively once or twice, and I still haven’t figured out why its not working the way I want. I’m able to get data from my Arduino using the CC3000 breakout board from Sparkfun, but this is also not perfect as I think it is suffering from the same CC3000 bug as the Core (but thats a different problem).

So, is there anyone that has a proper functioning code to log data on Xively? Preferably as naked as possible.

Thanks in advance

Got a nicely working code posted here, if someone’s interested: