Remote Temperature Monitoring over the Net?

Just got my Photon last night and stayed up way to late messing around with it. :smile:

My goal is to setup a remote temperature monitoring at my cottage. I’m looking to have a unit monitor temp and if it goes below 40 degrees, send a test or email over WiFi.

I’ll be looking around for examples and reading documentation but thought I’d touch base with the community to if this will be a no-brainer.


It is not all that difficult.
You can use to receive your readings, and then set a condition in ThingSpeak that will trigger an action if the condition is met. So for example, I have an event that sends me a text via if the temperature is outside a certain range.

Go step by step.
a) Get the Photon to work with your chosen temperature sensor and display the results locally to the serial port. Get that working 100% to your satisfaction.
b) Start publishing to ThingSpeak. Make sure that works 100%.
c) Set up the connection between ThingSpeak and Twilio.

I just finished a sensor network that shows me the data from 9 (or more) different sensors (anywhere in the world), plus the local weather forecasts for today and tomorrow, all on a 1.8" LCD hooked up to a Photon.

It is not difficult, and it is a great learning experience.

The easiest way to do so currently is perhaps IFTTT. That’s not to say it’s the best way, but definitely the quickest to set up. Broadcast a SSE from your Photon if it crosses the set thresholds, and have that picked up by IFTTT and act upon.
There’s also ubidots, or atomiot, or a gazzillion amount of other tools available. It depends on the complexity of the project, which route might be best :wink:

Thanks for the info! Not that I’m lazy (well maybe), but I’d like to keep the complexity to a minimum in attempt to keep the reliability to a maximum.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback.

Your responses tell me a number of things:

  1. This looks like something I should be able to pull off without too much trouble.
  2. There are multiple solutions which is cool.
  3. The members of this community are helpful and willing to help lowly newbs. :wink:

Thanks again.


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