Web connected, Weather aware, Learning Thermostat [Very Much In Progress]

Just thought I’d share the project I’m working on. My intention is a learning, internet connected, weather aware (to anticipate cold or hot weather ahead) thermostat, with the only UI being the internet or a phone app. As my wife pointed out, why is a physical interface really necessary when we always have our phones? Anyways, at this point I’ve only gotten the temperature logging and uploading to server part sorted out, and I’m currently swamped with my real job so I thought I’d let other people see what I’ve done so far. Main firmware can be found at my Github page Right now it needs to be compiled locally, because I’ve integrated some of the Ram improvements in development. I’ve also been working on drawing a shield for it with SD card, 24 VAC power in, solid state relays, and the Dallas temp sensor interface. No idea if it works, I’m not an EE, but just playing around, so use at your own risk.